Colour Mixing

List of supplies for Acrylics and Oils:
Can be purchased at Michaels with Coupons of 40% one at a time.
Brands: Grumbacher, Liquitex, Winsor Newton or Winton. The ones with the stars are the first to buy.


*Cadmium Yellow or Hansa yellow
Yellow Ochre
*Cadmium Red or Pyron red
*alizarin Crimson
*Ultramarine Blue
*Cerulean Blue
Burnt Sienna (not necessary but later on)
Burnt Umber
Heavy Gesso white
*Titanium White
Black Gesso ( not necessary)

necessary supplies

#4 flat or angle Brush synthetic (Zen Brush)
#6 flat Synthetic (Zen Brush at Michaels)
#8 Flat Synthetic
#1 fine liner
Other supplies
Paper towel
plastic water bucket (for acrylics)
glass jar (for oil)
pictures you want to paint
Gel medium gloss and matte (for acrylics)
Odorless paint thinner (for oil) I have recycled that you can have here

Stretched Canvas or Masonite Boards I have them here in my studio for sale.

Lesson on Mixing colours:

There are 8 colours we put out when we paint a picture unless we are doing a specific technique. They are Two reds (a cool and a warm), two yellows ( a cool and a warm), two blues ( a cool and a warm), purple and a white.

From these colours we can make:

Yellow and red make orange, Yellow and Blue make green, Red and blue make purple. The complimentary colours are: Yellow and purple, Red and Green, Blue and orange. When you want to tone down a colour you add a complimentary colour   eg. if something is purple you add a little yellow to tone it down. Same with the other complimentary colours.(if something is too red, add green) etc.

To make a neutral grey, mix three primary colours together in equal amounts.. eg. ultramarine blue +alizarin crimson + Cadmium yellow. If your mix has too much yellow in it, add more alizarin crimson + Ultramarine Blue, if it is too red add yellow and blue. etc.

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