Hi, I am Carolyn Vienneau

I've been in the art world for the past forty years and have been passing on my skills and knowledge to others for the past 30 plus. Throughout the years, I've attended many workshop-seminars by various well-known artists and authors. Some of those more recent have been Brian Atyeo, Robert Burridge, Mike Svob, Linda Kemp and Stephen Quiller, each quite famous in their own fields. These workshops have broadened my experience with oil, acrylic and watercolour mediums and increased my knowledge in various techniques.

My heritage of a sea family and the nature of the port Town of Pictou is shown in my art. Many of my artworks have been sold all over North America, and as far away as the United Kingdom and Australia. My art can be found in art galleries throughout Nova Scotia such as Gallery 215 in Maitland and Art Rentals in Halifax. They can also be seen in the Art2Sea Gallery and various shops in Pictou and in my Studio located at 8 Irving Street, Pictou.


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